Welcome to my web site.

This site offers catnip cat toys and catnip blankets.  All the products are handmade, original designs.  The catnip is organic catnip, premium quality with no pesticides. Some of the toys are refillable. The cat toys are safe.  They are made of soft fabrics, fleece and flannels.  They have NO FILLERS, all 100% Organic Catnip.

Catnip provides a natural “feel good” experience for your cat.

The Organic Catnip is an all natural herb and not harmful if ingested.

All the items are made to order and I have a limited quantity of fabric for each blanket.

All of it is handmade by me with love.  Check out my Catching Lizards Face Book Page and become a Fan !!!!!

My creativity is ever changing, and who knows what will be next!

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